This is how B2Mission works
This is how B2Mission works



B2Mission is team building in a new and digital way. Use B2Mission to gather employees within the app regardless of location and branch office. This provides athletic challenges at every performance level. Everyone can participate and contribute to the team's success, whether they are running, walking, hiking or cycling. Increase the motivation in your team and strengthen your employer branding!




Rediscover your surroundings and collect as many points as possible! In the Challenges, various tasks are waiting to be run and solved by you. In addition, you contribute to the team's success with every kilometre you cover by foot or by bike. Design your activities flexibly and keep moving!


Collecting points

So funktioniert B2Mission


  • In 21 cities in Switzerland, you can take part in different Challenges. Each Challenge consists of 30 GPS Checkpoints, which are displayed in the B2Mission app.
  • Open the B2Mission app, press "Challenges" and choose the Challenge you want to tackle.
  • Start by heading to the region of your Challenge and clicking on the start button
  • Collect points by passing by as many of the set Checkpoints as possible within 60 minutes or by completing small tasks on the spot. Clever route planning pays off, because the number of points you get differs between Checkpoints.
  • A Challenge ends automatically when the time limit of 60 minutes is reached or can be ended by pressing the stop button.
  • You can complete a maximum of six Challenges, after which the Challenge mode is no longer available in the app. In addition to the checkpoints, the distance covered within the challenge also increases the points account. Each kilometre covered gives 300 points.


  • In 21 cities throughout Switzerland, one Chase is available within the Challenges.
  • The Chase takes place within a particular geographical area, includes several GPS Checkpoints and can take up to a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Not all the Checkpoints are shown here, though. Instead, you can always only see the next one, once you've run through each Checkpoint.
  • Your overall score is made up of your first 6 Challenges/Chases with each of their Checkpoints, plus 300 points per kilometre you cover.


  • Open the B2Mission app, get ready and press the start button
  • Complete the desired distance by foot or by bike - no matter where, how long or how often.
  • As soon as you finished your activity, press the stop button to terminate the recording
  • The B2Mission app measures the distance covered and converts it into points that are automatically included in the leaderboards. For every kilometre covered by foot, 300 points are awarded. Each kilometre travelled by bike earns 100 points.
  • Activities can also be recorded with other devices (e.g. sports watches) and later synchronised with the B2Mission app.

The checkpoints of the Challenges & Chases

B2Mission Checkpoints


The easiest type of our checkpoints are those that you just have to pass by. Run to the checkpoint and collect 100 points.

B2Mission - Question Checkpoint


Your attentive eye is required: Answer a question about your surroundings! Look around carefully and get 300 points.

B2Mission - Boost


This Checkpoint gives you superpowers: All the points you collect in the next three minutes are doubled.

B2Mission - Fit-Checkpoint


Light physical exercises presented by Suva will replenish your training here. If you manage the given repetitions or duration, you will receive 200 points.

B2Mission - Pop-up Checkpoint


You will discover this checkpoint during your Challenge. It is triggered by another checkpoint. Run there quickly and get 200 points.


The current leaderboards for all categories can always be found directly in the B2Mission app.
B2Mission - Kategorie Unternehmen

"Company" category

All points of all participants of a company are added up here. The company with the most points wins! There are separate rankings for the following team sizes (regardless of the size of the company):

<10 (companies with 1 to 9 participants)
<30 (companies with 10 to 29 participants)
<50 (companies with 30 to 49 participants)
<100 (companies with 50 to 99 participants)
<200 (companies with 100 to 199 participants)
200+ (companies with 200 and more participants)

B2Mission - Kategorie Crew

"Crews" category

For this category, dynamic groups of four colleagues within the company will be created, based on the current ranking. Crews can change as the scores change. Gender does not play any role in this category.

B2Mission - Kategorie Einzel

"Individual" category

We are looking for the most diligent point collectors. In order to appear in the leaderboard, it doesn't matter whether you complete Challenges or use the "Move anywhere" mode: The main thing is that you collect points!


How do I register my team for B2Mission?

In your company, you choose a team captain who will book and manage your starting places for your B2Mission. It is only a few steps for the team captain to go on B2Mission:

1. Book starting places via our webshop*/**
2. Get your team captain code and your activation code approx. 2 weeks before the start of B2Mission.
3. Download the B2Mission app, log in with your team captain code and complete your team profile with a few clicks.
4. Send your activation code to your employees and ask the team members to download the app. With the activation code they join the team.
5. Start your B2Mission from 01.09.2022!

*You don't know yet how many employees will participate? Then reserve a contingent of activation codes with us by email. After completing B2Mission, we will only charge you for the number of codes actually used.

** In order to be able to send the activation code quickly and easily to all participating employees, we recommend that you request the name and email address of all participants up to two weeks before the start of the campaign. We will be happy to support you with an individual registration page, for which you will receive a link after booking. The use of this registration page is optional.

As a participant you download our app to your smartphone. Enter your activation code as the last step of the registration process. You will then be automatically assigned to your team and the points collection can start on 01.09.2022!

Be part of the most exciting and athletic team challenge 2022!


Did you participate in B2Mission 2021?

The B2Mission app is being continuously improved to ensure that your hunt for points remains exciting and challenging from year to year. Check out the new features for yourself and be part of B2Mission once again!