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B2Mission connects team building with better health for active people of all types and fitness levels and for those who want to become active. With the B2Mission app, you can collect points all over Switzerland while running, walking, hiking, and now cycling, from 1 to 31 May 2021. Every kilometre counts! You decide when and where you start collecting, as well as for how long and whether alone or in a group.

Moreover, start hunting for points in 21 Swiss cities over a period of 31 days - by yourself or with others. B2Mission gives you the Checkpoints. You decide on your route to reach the Checkpoints, the pace, and when to accept the Challenge.

Keep moving, do something for your health, have fun, and bring your mission to success as a team.

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Where can I find the B2Mission-Switzerland App?

How does B2Mission work?

As a company, your B2Misson is to collect as many points as possible. You make your contribution in two ways:

«Move anywhere»

Every kilometre counts - add points to your personal and company balance wherever you are! To collect points in "Move anywhere" mode, you just need to open the B2Mission app and press the start button. Afterwards, you complete the course either running, walking, hiking or cycling. As soon as you've reached your goal or finished your round, press the stop button to stop recording. The B2Mission app directly adds points for the completed route.


In 21 cities in Switzerland, you can take up two to four different Challenges to collect points. Each Challenge consists of a large number of Checkpoints within a geographical area. The goal is to collect points by passing as many of the set Checkpoints as possible within 60 minutes or by completing small tasks on the spot. Start by heading to the region of your Challenge and clicking on the start button. You choose your route to the Checkpoints as well as your pace. The number of points differs from Checkpoint to Checkpoint - clever route planning pays off! You can end your attempt at any time by pressing the stop button. If you don't do this, the B2Mission app automatically stops recording after 60 minutes.

You can try every Challenge as often as you like. You can also try as many Challenges as you want - in any city. However, only your four top-scoring Challenge-Results are counted in the ranking.

When does the B2Mission take place?

B2Mission starts on 1 May 2021 and runs until 31 May 2021.

In which cities are Challenges held?

You can take up four different Challenges in the following 21 cities:

  • Aarau
  • Basel
  • Bellinzona
  • Berne
  • Bienne
  • Chur
  • Geneva
  • Fribourg
  • Kloten
  • Kreuzlingen
  • Lausanne
  • Lugano
  • Lucerne
  • Neuchâtel
  • Schaffhausen
  • Sion
  • St. Gallen
  • Thun
  • Winterthur
  • Zug
  • Zurich

Collect points wherever you are with "Move anywhere".

What are the rankings?

The total of points per participant results from the four best challenge results and all "Move Anywhere" points. We evaluate all categories at the national level as well as separately for each of the 21 cities. You can always find the current rankings for all categories directly in the B2Mission app. You can find the results of B2Mission 2020 here.

"Companies" category

For this category, we add all your total of points together and create a separate ranking for companies of the following sizes:

  • Small companies (companies with fewer than 50 employees)
  • Medium-sized companies (companies with 50-250 employees)
  • Large companies (companies with more than 250 employees)

"Crews" category

For this category, we create dynamic groups of four colleagues within your company, based on the current ranking:

Example AG
ParticipantsCurrent scoreCrew
Adrian Abegger12'500Example AG 1
Barbara Brunner5'100Example AG 2
Chiara Cometti18'750Example AG 1
Daniel Dinkel3'000
Eric Eicher11'800Example AG 1
Franz Fischer7'300Example AG 2
Gabi Grossen13'200Example AG 1
Hans Hauser9'000Example AG 2
Ignaz Ineichen1'100
Jana Jucker7'200Example AG 2

Crews can change as the scores change. Gender does not play any role in this category.

"Individual" category

We're also looking for the most diligent points collectors.

Why should I register?

  • For your company: with B2Mission, you pursue a shared goal that helps your team bond. It doesn't matter what shape you are in or how often you exercise: your participation alone will help your company!
  • For your health: B2Mission motivates you to regularly get active and promote your well-being.
  • Because it's fun: B2Mission uses technology to make sports more diverse and exciting. Want to make a bet? We're sure that you cannot wait to try again after finishing a Challenge, because then you'll know how and where to collect more points.

How do I register?

The team captain takes care of registration for B2Mission. He or she buys from January 2021 the activation code for the required number of participants in the webshop. Payment can either be made by invoice directly after booking or by collective invoice at the end of B2Mission. If the team captain is still unsure about the number of participants, we can reserve a set of activation codes for you. Just send us an e-mail.

Participants can download the B2Mission app from the Apple Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) for free and enter the activation code shared by the team captain on registration.

Until when can I register, for myself or my company?

Registration is possible up until the last day of the B2Mission. This means that you can also add additional employees during the B2Mission, or entire companies can join. However, to collect as many points as possible and sustainably boost team spirit, we recommend registering shortly before the B2Mission start for the entire duration of B2Mission (31 days).

What is the cost of participation?

You can join the B2Mission for a price between CHF 17.00 and CHF 19.00 per participant*, depending on the size of your company.

  • B2Mission activation code S (1-50 participants): CHF 19.00/person
  • B2Mission activation code M (50-100 participants): CHF 18.00/person
  • B2Mission activation code L (more than 100 participants): CHF 17.00/person

* = all prices excl. VAT.

What types of movement are allowed?

You can run, walk, hike, or also participate in a wheelchair. Now cycling and biking is also permitted.

What do I need to consider for participation? (Covid-19)

We have designed B2Mission in such a way that the rules of conduct and hygiene against the spread of the new coronavirus are easy to comply with.

When taking part, please observe the current rules of conduct and hygiene, which you can find at

What are the conditions of participation and the data protection provisions?

General Terms And Conditions For The Use Of The App "B2Mission"

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