We have compiled for you from A to Z the answers to the most important questions about B2Run Swiss Company Run.

Did you not find the answer to your question? Please feel free to contact us: By e-mail to or via +41 41 726 17 11.

Bib collection

Please note that the team captain or their deputy picks up the bibs for their whole team and then distributes them to the runners. The bib collection stand is right next to the information desk at all events.

For all events, you can collect your bibs two hours before the race starts.


Please note that cancellation of a booked race entry is only permitted with a valid medical certificate for the day of the event. Send it to us by e-mail and you will receive a free race entry for the following season. If you are able to, please let us know before the run.

Instead of a cancellation, you can also pass on your race entry to a colleague. Changes to registrations can be made up to three days before the event by the team captain in their MyB2Run account. After that, changes can only be made directly on site at the info desk. It is also possible to change the name after the run, so that the published result will be allocated to the right person.


Running for a good cause

B2Run donates CHF 1 per participant to its affiliated charity Right To Play. The foundation uses the power of sport and games to impart vital knowledge to disadvantaged children in a playful manner.

Do you want to provide additional support to Right To Play? Please make your donation to:

Donation account at Rahn+Bodmer Co., 8022 Zürich

Beneficiary: Right To Play Switzerland

Bank: Rahn+Bodmer Co., 8022 Zürich

For payments in CHF: account: 1.354.476-024/IBAN CH92 0877 9001 3544 7602 4
Clearing: 8779-4/Swift: RAHNCHZZ

Postal account: 85-759958-1

Cloakroom/shower facilities

At every B2Run Swiss Company Run we offer the participants a limited number of changing rooms and shower facilities. They are located near the start and finish areas. Due to local conditions at each site we cannot rule out the possibility that there could be waiting times.

Please note the corresponding overview maps, which we are going to publish before the events, as well as the signs on site.

Company running shrits

Design your own team outfit with B2Run and ensure a uniform and impressive look for your company. Here you will find our company running shirt offer for the 2020 season. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or on +41 41 726 17 11.

Conditions for participation

From apprentice to CEO, from walker to ambitious runner, members of companies, government authorities, associations, clubs, universities and other institutions, from small single-person start-up companies to large corporations - everybody is welcome!

You will find detailed information on the conditions for participation in our Terms and Conditions.

Deadline for registration

The deadline for registration for B2Run events is always two weeks before the date of the respective event. Until then, registrations and changes to registrations can readily be made in the shop. The detailed dates can be found here.

Late registrations are possible in the shop until three days before the event and are subject to a surcharge of CHF 5. Changes to registrations can also be made in your MyB2Run account up until that time. After that, the very last late registrations and changes can be made directly on-site at the info desk.


B2Run is a spectacle for everyone to see. Motivate your non-participating colleagues, friends and family members to cheer you on at the course and in the start/finish area. Everyone is very welcome.

Work colleagues, friends and family members who do not don their running shoes can still benefit from our catering offer. Book separate vouchers for our pasta party in the B2Run shop.


Information desk

Questions may arise especially on the day of the event. We will be happy to answer them at the info desk.

The info desk is always located in the start/finish area. Just follow the corresponding signs.


We accept no liability for damage to health, accidents, theft and other losses or damage (including the cloakroom and valuables safe storage facility).

Please note our Terms and Conditions.


"The most active"

How many employees are you bringing to the starting line? At each location we are looking for:

  • The most active small company (companies with less than 50 employees)
  • The most active medium-sized company (company with 50-250 employees)
  • The most active large company (companies with more than 250 employees)

The numbers are calculated based on the registration status on the day of the registration deadline (2 weeks before the event). Late registrations will not be taken into account.

In the end of each B2Run season, we also select the most active companies in Switzerland. Click here for the ranking of the B2Run season 2019.

"The fastest presented by MINI"

These rankings are about fast times:

  • Fastest women's team (times of the four fastest women within the company are added up)
  • Fastest men's team (times of the four fastest men within the company are added up)
  • The fastest woman
  • The fastest man


"The most creative"

Dress up in the most creative manner and get voted as the most creative company of the entire B2Run season by our Facebook community.

To enter the race, you have two options:

  • You have your photograph taken by us at one of our events between 5.30 and 5.50 p.m. on the award ceremony stage.
  • You take your own photo and send it to us by no later than 8 July 2019 to It must be recognisable on the picture that it was taken at a B2Run (e.g. with starting number, beach flag, start or finish archway, etc.).


This is how you move your company and colleagues at the B2Run events:

  • The team captain sets up a MyB2Run account.
  • Book the desired number of race entries in the shop. The shop for the 2019 season opens at the end of November 2018.
    - With a fixed group booking of 20 runner packages, additional race entries can be reserved and a company-specific registration page can be activated.
    - You can choose between the runner package and the runner package including pasta party.
    - Whether for runners or nordic walkers, the same runner package can be booked for everyone.
  • Naming of the runners
    - As soon as the race entries are booked or reserved, the runners can be named in the account.
    - Employees can register individually via a link on the company-specific registration page. The team captain can see a listing of all the registered participants in the MyB2Run account.
    - The distinction between runner and nordic walker can be made when allocating the names.
  • Registration changes
    - Participants can be renamed in their MyB2Run account at any time up until the registration deadline (two weeks before the run).

You will find more information about registration in our brief guide or in the guide for team captains. If you have any questions, we are glad to help via e-mail or by phone on +41 41 726 17 11.

Starting procedure

To keep the flow of runners moving on the course as smoothly as possible, a number of different starting blocks are provided at the start of each B2Run. We ask all participants to line up according to their expected finishing time. You will find the following starting blocks in the starting area:

Starting block

Who is this starting block suitable for?

<25 minutes

You are very fit and ambitious to achieve a fast time. Thanks to regular training several times a week, you achieve a speed better than 4.5 minutes/kilometre over the full distance.

25-30 minutes

You are in shape, you do a lot of sports and you run regularly. It is not just about being there - you want to really get a fast time.

30-35 minutes

It is not the first time you have put on your running shoes, and you like to do sports. You will not cross the finish line with the leaders of the race, but you are quite a fast runner.

>35 minutes

You are a beginner or occasional runner and have not prepared yourself specifically for participating in this run. Or: For you it is mainly about enjoying the run and you simply want to have fun with your colleagues and the other participants. Your result is more of a secondary concern.


You are registered in the "Walking" category, or you will walk instead of run the whole distance.

At the events in Basel, Bern, St. Gallen and Zurich, there are also different starting times in order to improve the flow of runners. Since the net time is evaluated at B2Run (see "Timekeeping"), you can run for victory from any starting time. The starting time is chosen by the team captain when booking the runner package. Within each start time, the starting grid is set up according to the starting blocks listed above. Please note that participants in the Walking category will automatically be allocated to the last start time.

Click here for the visual explaining the starting procedure for the B2Runs in St.Gallen and Basel.

Click here for the visual explaining the starting procedure for the B2Runs in Berne and Zurich.


At B2Run, we measure your running time using a timing chip that works like a stopwatch. This means you and all the other participants are given their individual time.

The timing chip is attached to your bib. The timekeeping starts automatically when you cross the starting line and it ends automatically after you have passed the finish line.

Thanks to this system, it does not matter whether you cross the starting line immediately after the starting signal, or line up at the back and only get to start a bit later. The time measurement only begins from the moment you cross the starting line.


We provide free safe storage for valuables of all participants. Please put your valuables in your starter bag and bring it to the safe storage facility. After the race, your starting number serves as the collection slip for your valuables. The safe storage facility is signposted.

No liability is accepted for theft, damage or losses.

Walking / Nordic Walking

Walkers/Nordic walkers are most welcome at the B2Run Swiss Company Run. In order to offer all participants the best possible running experience, there is a separate starting block for all walkers/nordic walkers.

For safety reasons, nordic walking is only permitted in the starting block provided for this purpose at the last starting time. Thank you.