Important information about the B2Run season 2020

Health promotion has always been the central mission of the B2Run. That is why we see it as our duty to make a contribution to the protection of this good. At the beginning of May we decided not to hold this year's 10 B2Run events.

Just like us, many of you have worked with great passion and commitment during the preparation for your B2Run and we are infinitely grateful for this.

The things that make B2Run events special are team spirit, fun in movement and unforgettable experiences. As we don't want to do without it this year, we are launching B2Mission, an attractive, "Corona-compatible" alternative for this autumn. More information here.

B2Run will not stop, just like you B2Runners would never stop running or walking with joy, passion and determination. Therefore let's look ahead together now!

Zug, 23.06.2020