The race day

On the race day

Probably you will go to work as usual before the B2Run. Plan your appointments and meetings so that you have enough time to get there.

Running ban

If you're sick or hurt, you withdraw. The rule is: If you have had a flu and it has not been over for at least twice as many days as you were ill, you are banned from running!

Food and drink

  • The basic rule is no experiments. Don't take anything you're not used to. This is especially true shortly before the run (special bars, gel, etc.).
  • Drink: Drink enough water throughout the day. Two hours before the run you should only drink a little liquid, because you should be sufficiently hydrated. Otherwise you have to go to the toilet shortly before the start.
  • Breakfast: as usual
  • Lunch: something light with lots of carbohydrates
  • Afternoon: Take the last easily digestible meal about two hours before the competition, e.g. a piece of bread or a sandwich with Bündnerfleisch, a "Biber" or a banana.


Race pace

Divide the race so that you can run the second half as fast as the first. The pace should be constant throughout the race. However, the subjective feeling of exertion increases continuously towards the finish.

For beginners: Make sure you run at "speaking speed". Don't let the speed of the other runners stress you, but listen to your body.