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B2Mission - infos from A - Z


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The most frequently asked questions

Procedure of B2Mission

How does B2Mission work?

As a company, your B2Mission for a month is to earn as many points as possible by running, walking, hiking, or cycling. Every kilometre counts! You decide when and where to start earning points, as well as for how long and whether you want to do it alone or as a group. With activities taking place in 21 cities in Switzerland, there are lots of exciting Challenges awaiting you. Each Challenge includes a large variety of tasks (the 'Checkpoints') that you need to complete within 60 minutes.

Team captains can find the activation code in the Webshop to send it to their team. Whether you are a team captain or a participant, download the app, set up your profile, and get going! Read the relevant question to find out how to earn points.

When does B2Mission take place?

Go on B2Mission from 01.09. and rediscover the team spirit. Until 30.09. you can collect points together with your team.

Is B2Mission an event?

No, B2Mission is not an event. Each participant completes the activities within the mission period when, where and as often as it suits them, respecting the current distance regulations. Nevertheless, the team experience is not neglected!

What do I need for B2Mission?

First and foremost you need a smartphone with the latest version of the B2Mission app. Before starting your Challenge or kilometre collection make sure that your smartphone is charged and not in battery saving mode. Your location service must be activated.

To activate the functions of the B2Mission app for you, your team captain must first book starting slots and forward a corresponding activation code to you, which you enter into the app after registering. Then your B2Mission starts on 01.09.2022!

PDF-Download for Smartphone settings on GPS and location.

How sporty do I have to be?

Anyone can participate in B2Mission. You can complete the Challenges by walking or running. In the RUN/WALK/BIKE mode you can also collect points by hiking and/or cycling. Everyone moves at their own pace and as far and as often as they can. Thus, everyone contributes to the team's success - regardless of their performance level. And the best thing is: everyone will have fun, no matter how fast they are going!

What do I have to consider regarding COVID-19?

We have designed B2Mission in a way that the rules of conduct and hygiene against the spread of COVID-19 are easy to comply with. B2Mission is also a great team experience under contact restriction and distance rules.

When taking part, please observe the current rules of conduct and hygiene, which you can find at

Is there anything to win?

Yes, in addition to certificates for all participants, there will also be prizes in kind from our partners for the winners of our categories.

The winners will be contacted by the B2Mission team via email after the campaign period.

How can I collect points on my B2Mission?

As a company, your B2Misson is to collect as many points as possible. You make your contribution in two ways:

Run / Walk / Bike
In the RUN/WALK/BIKE mode, activities can be recorded by foot or by bicycle. You decide when and where to start, how fast and how long you want to go. The B2Mission app measures the distance covered and converts it into points that are entered live into the leaderboards. For every kilometre covered by foot, 300 points are awarded. Each kilometre travelled by bike earns 100 points. Activities can also be recorded with other devices (e.g. sports watches) and synchronised with the B2Mission app. More info about it.

Challenges are available in 21 Swiss cities. Each Challenge consists of 30 GPS checkpoints, which are displayed in the B2Mission app. You have a maximum of 60 minutes to reach as many of the GPS checkpoints as possible by foot. You determine the order in which you approach the checkpoints. The app automatically recognises when a checkpoint is passed and credits the corresponding number of points. A clever route choice is worthwhile, because the number of points varies depending on the checkpoint. Question checkpoints, boost checkpoints, fit checkpoints and pop-up checkpoints give additional points and provide a lot of variety. Each participant can complete a maximum of six Challenges, after which the Challenge mode is no longer available in the app. It does not matter whether the same Challenge is completed six times or whether different Challenges are completed. In addition to the checkpoints, the distance covered within the challenge also increases the points account. Each kilometre covered gives 300 points.

Find this function under 'Challenges' on the app. In each city, there is a Chase as part of each Challenge. Each Chase includes 30 Checkpoints and takes up to 60 minutes. Keep in mind that not all Checkpoints are shown before you start. Instead, the next Checkpoint is only revealed once you have completed the one before. In other words: we set the course. The final score includes only the first 6 completed Challenges/Chases, plus 300 points per kilometre you cover.

Where can I collect points?

With RUN/WALK/BIKE you can collect points regardless of your location. For this purpose there is also the possibility to synchronise other recording devices with the B2Mission app. You can log kilometres wherever the B2Mission app or your tracker/wearable device has a GPS signal.

Furthermore, you will find two to four different Challenges in each of the cities of Aarau, Basel, Bellinzona, Bern, Biel, Chur, Geneva, Fribourg, Kloten, Kreuzlingen, Lausanne, Lugano, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Schaffhausen, Sion, St. Gallen, Thun, Winterthur, Zug and Zurich. No matter in which region you are, you can run any Challenge.

There is a Chase waiting for you in each of the cities listed. During a Challenge, you cannot see all the Checkpoints at the start. Instead, to make for a more exciting Chase, you have to reach each Checkpoint before the next one is revealed.

Each participant can complete a maximum of six Challenges/Chases, after which this mode is no longer available in the app. It does not matter whether the same Challenge/Chase is completed six times or whether different Challenges/Chases are completed.

PDF download of smartphone settings related to GPS and battery optimization for smooth tracking.

PDF download for connecting the wearable and information on compatible devices

Can I take part without Challenges nearby?

Anyone can take part, because B2Mission brings a maximum of flexibility. Collect kilometres and thus points during your training in front of your door or around your workplace. Maybe you have planned a hike for the weekend or you are cycling to work. Even then, you contribute to the team's success with the kilometres you collect.

Please pay special attention to our PDF document about the smartphone settings on GPS and battery optimization for a smooth tracking.

Will my participation result in a donation?

Yes, B2Mission donates CHF 1 per participant to our charity partner "Swiss Red Cross". The contribution supports people who are particularly suffering from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Would you and your company like to donate an additional contribution to the SRC and be a part of a good cause? Then become a Charity participant and, as a team captain, book the appropriate activation code for your team in the Webshop. The surcharge of CHF 5 per activation code will be passed on in full to the SRC as a donation.

What forms of transport are permitted?

You can run, walk, hike or participate in a wheelchair. Cycling and biking are also permitted. For e-bikes, only pedelecs up to 25 km/h are permitted. S-pedelecs (e-bikes up to 45 km/h), which fall into the category of mopeds or motorbikes requiring a driving licence and insurance, are not permitted.

What are the rankings?

The points total per participant is calculated from the six best Challenge results and all RUN/WALK/BIKE points. We evaluate all categories at national level. You can always find the current leaderboards for all categories directly in the B2Mission app. The results of B2Mission can be found here.

Category «Company»

For this category we add up all your point totals and create a separate ranking for the following team sizes (regardless of the size of the company):

  • <10 (companies with 1 to 9 participants)
  • <30 (companies with 10 to 29 participants)
  • <50 (companies with 30 to 49 participants)
  • <100 (companies with 50 to 99 participants)
  • <200 (companies with 100 to 199 participants)
  • 200+ (companies with 200 and more participants)

Category «Crews»

For this category we dynamically form groups of four within your company according to the current score:

Example Ltd.
CrewParticipantsCurrent score
Example Ltd. 1Chiara Cometti18'750
Example Ltd. 1Gabi Grossen13'200
Example Ltd. 1Adrian Abegger12'500
Example Ltd. 1Eric Eicher11'800
Example Ltd. 2Hans Hauser9'000
Example Ltd. 2Jana Jucker7'200
Example Ltd. 2Franz Fischer7'300
Example Ltd. 2Barbara Brunner5'100
Daniel Dinkel3'000
Ignaz Ineichen1'100

As soon as the score changes, the composition of the crews can also change. Gender does not play any role in this category.

Category «Individual»

We are looking for the most diligent point collectors.

PDF download with information on the rankings and scores

Collect points

What is a Challenge?

Each Challenge consists of 30 GPS checkpoints within a geographically limited area. All checkpoints are displayed in the B2Mission app. You have 60 minutes for each Challenge. During this time you can collect as many points as possible. Your first 6 challenges will be scored. After that you cannot do any more challenges. Challenges may only be completed by foot (running, walking).

Within a Challenge there are five different types of checkpoints:

Checkpoint: Run or walk to the checkpoint to collect points. (100 points)

Question: When you reach this point, you will be asked a question in a pop-up window. Check the environment to find clues to answer the question. (300 points)

Fit-Checkpoint: If you reach this point within the Challenge, you will be provided with a specific workout task. No need to worry, the exercises are feasible for every participant! (200 points)

Boost: This Checkpoint gives you superpowers: All the points you collect in the next three minutes are doubled. (at least 100 points)

Pop-up: This checkpoint will appear during your Challenge. It is triggered by another checkpoint. Get there quickly to collect the points. (200 points)

It gets even more exciting in Chase mode, which we offer once per city!

What is a Chase?

You can find the Chases under 'Challenges' on the app and there is a special Challenge mode. You cannot see all the Checkpoints in a Chase before starting - we set the course. You can only ever see one Checkpoint: the next one you are due at. Once you have reached that, the subsequent one is revealed, and so on.

The Chase lasts a maximum of 60 minutes, but can end anytime before that. For your total official score, up to 6 Challenges/Chases can be included. After that, this function becomes unavailable.

Each Chase includes the following Checkpoints. For a detailed description, check out the question 'What is a Challenge?'

GPS Checkpoint
Quiz Checkpoint
Workout Checkpoint
Boost Checkpoint

There is no official Challenge nearby. How can I still collect points for my team?

No problem - you can collect points with your activities anywhere and anytime. In the RUN/WALK/BIKE mode, record your run/walk/hike/bike tour with the B2Mission app and collect points for every kilometre you complete. You can also synchronise other recording devices with the B2Mission app.

You are able to connect a fitness tracker or other wearable device (such as Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Health, Suunto, Polar) to the B2Mission app. This allows you to synchronise the relevant activities throughout the Challenge period so that they can earn you points. Please keep in mind that the AppleWatch always needs to be connected to the GPS on your phone. In other words, activity tracking needs to be activated both on your mobile phone and your watch.

Download our step-by-step instructions here.

How many points can I collect per kilometre or Challenge?

In the RUN/WALK/BIKE mode, you receive 300 points per kilometre covered by foot. Each kilometre travelled by bike earns 100 points. Within the challenges you will receive 100 points for each GPS checkpoint, 200 points for each pop-up checkpoint, 200 points for each successfully completed fitness exercise, 300 points for each correctly answered question and at the Boost Checkpoint double the collected collected during the following 3 minutes.

Can I collect points in a Challenge with the kilometres covered?

Yes. In addition to the checkpoints, the distance covered within the challenge also increases the points account. Each kilometre covered gives 300 points. Each participant can complete a maximum of six Challenges, after which the Challenge mode is no longer available in the app.

Is there a specific starting point within the Challenge?

No, you can start anywhere. But it is recommended to start right next to a checkpoint. And beware: a strategically clever route will enable you to collect more points.

Only in Chase mode there is a fixed starting point waiting for you.

How long is a Challenge?

The distance within the Challenges is not fixed by us, because you determine your route. The Challenge lasts a maximum of 60 minutes: You run the distance and get the points you manage to reach in that time.

60 minutes is too long for you? No problem: simply finish your Challenge early by clicking the stop button.

What is the time limit for a Challenge/Chase?

You have 60 minutes per Challenge/Chase. From the moment you activate the start in the app, the time runs backwards. Of course, you can also end the Challenge/Chase before the 60 minutes are over if you wish. Within the 30 days of the B2Mission you can complete a maximum of six Challenges/Chases, after which the Challenge mode is no longer available in the app.

Can checkpoints be located in unsafe areas or e.g. on private property?

Each checkpoint of the Challenges was carefully checked by our team on site. All checkpoints are publicly accessible. Should a checkpoint nevertheless appear unsafe to you in any way, e.g. due to a construction site that has been set up in the meantime, we would be happy to receive a corresponding note to in order to adapt the Challenge if necessary.

Can I complete Challenges in different cities?

Yes, you can run any Challenges in any city. Each participant can complete a maximum of six Challenges, after which the Challenge mode is no longer available in the app. It does not matter whether the same Challenge is completed four times or whether different Challenges are completed.

Challenges are available in the following cities or regions

  • Aarau
  • Basel
  • Bellinzona
  • Bern
  • Bienne
  • Chur
  • Geneva
  • Fribourg
  • Kloten
  • Kreuzlingen
  • Lausanne
  • Lugano
  • Lucerne
  • Neuchâtel
  • Schaffhausen
  • Sion
  • St.Gallen
  • Thun
  • Winterthur
  • Zug
  • Zurich

Do I have to pass the checkpoints in a fixed order?

No, you choose the best route from your point of view and determine the order of the checkpoints yourself. This is part of the challenge and the special appeal of a Challenge.

We only prescribe the order of activities when in Chase mode. But, you can only see where the next Checkpoint is and play to release the next Checkpoints.

What happens if participants deliberately deceive?

It is expressly forbidden to collect points in the Challenges by car, bicycle, bus/train or even with a GPS joystick. In the RUN/WALK/BIKE mode, collecting points by car, bus/train or GPS joystick is prohibited.

Basically, the app notices when someone is travelling too fast and warns them with a pop-up. In the background, we also regularly check the speed-related activities in the app and exclude corresponding activities from the ranking. In case of repeated irregularities, we unfortunately have to assume intent and disqualify the participant completely.

Unfortunately, it takes a little while until our adjustments are displayed in the app. We assure you that we will always investigate and punish this behaviour. Because at B2Mission, fun in exercise, motivation in the team and fairness are our top priorities.

Feel free to check our policy.

For team captains

What does it mean to be a team captain?

You are the one who books the starting places and internally encourages and motivates to participate. You will forward the activation code and the latest information to your employees if you receive them from us before the B2Mission starts. You do not necessarily have to actively participate in B2Mission yourself - you can also be the organiser. But of course we are happy if the team captains themselves are on B2Mission as well!

Where and how do I buy tickets for my team?

You can easily book your starting places in the B2Run online shop:

If you already have an account because you have already booked starting places for a B2Run or B2Mission in the past, you can simply log in with your e-mail address and password. Otherwise you can register in a few minutes and then book the B2Mission activation code for the required number of participants. Payment is made by invoice directly after booking or by collective invoice at the end of B2Mission. We will provide you with your activation codes by e-mail shortly before the start of B2Mission. If you are unsure about the number of participants, we can reserve a contingent of activation codes for you. Please send us an e-mail for this purpose.

How do I register my team for B2Mission?

Registration for B2Mission is very simple. These are your steps to be part of it with your team:

  1. Book starting slots in our webshop (see under " How and where do I buy tickets?")
    > You don't know yet how many employees will participate? Then reserve a contingent of activation codes with us by email. After completing B2Mission, we will only charge you for the number of codes actually used.
    > In order to be able to send the activation code quickly and easily to all participating employees, we recommend that you request the name and email address of all participants up to two weeks before the start of the campaign. We will be happy to support you with an individual registration page, for which you will receive a link after booking. The use of this registration page is optional.
  2. Get your team captain code and your activation code approx. 2 weeks before the start of B2Mission.
  3. Download the B2Mission app, log in with your team captain code and complete your team profile with a few clicks.
  4. Send your activation code to your employees and ask the team members to download the app. With the activation code they join the team.
  5. Start your B2Mission from 01.09.2022!

Download our flyer as a PDF to get as many employees as possible motivated for your B2Mission.

Do I need to use the individual registration page?

No, using the registration page is optional. Once you have booked your activation codes, you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to proceed and a link. The registration page is intended to make it easier for you as a team captain to gather participant details, although you can simply arrange their details yourself instead.
We recommend that you ask all the participants for their names and email addresses up to two weeks before the start of the event so that you can quickly and easily send out the activation code to all your participating colleagues.

Team captains and colleagues please note: just entering your details on the registration page does not automatically provide access to the app. You will only receive the activation code and all other information two weeks before the start of the B2Mission campaign.

Please download our instructions about the registration page here.

Is there a minimum size for teams?

B2Mission is designed as a team building measure: To be taken into account for the category "Crew" you need at least four team members. Whether as a company, institution, club or together with friends. This means that you automatically take part in the crew and individual categories - throughout the whole country! Of course you can also participate with a smaller group and collect points. The only difference is that you will not be listed in our crew ranking.

Can we participate as one team with several locations?

Yes. Just register as a team - it doesn't matter where the individual from the team collects points. Even team members abroad can contribute to your success. Although there are no Challenges there, you can use the RUN/WALK/BIKE mode to collect kilometres almost anywhere using GPS.

PDF download for the smartphone settings on GPS and battery settings

Can I view and edit my team?

As members of the same team, you and your employees can see each other in the app under "Team". There is also the team's own "feed" where you can keep each other informed about your activities and motivate each other.

As team captain you can also change the name of your team and your team profile picture.

What are Charity activation codes?

Do extra good! B2Mission donates CHF 1 per participant to the charity partner "Swiss Red Cross". Support the SRC with an additional CHF 5 per activation code and become a charity participant at B2Mission. The extra CHF 5 will be passed on in full as a donation to the SRC and will help families in Switzerland and people in need.

Registration as participant

How do we register as participants for B2Mission?

The registration of a team with booking of starting places is done by your team captain (see also "How do I register my team for B2Mission?") The team captain will receive an activation code for your team.

Download the B2Mission app and create an account. You can do this with a classic user account with an e-mail address or with a Google or Facebook account. Then log in and enter the activation code that you have received from your team captain. You will be automatically assigned to your team and can go on B2Mission from 01.09.2022.

Step-by-step explanation of the app as a PDF

How do we motivate each other as a team?

Stay up to date with the team's own "feed" about the activities of your colleagues and motivate each other with comments or likes. See when and where they ran - and most importantly how many points your team scored.

At the end of each Challenge you can also post photos and motivating comments. Challenge colleagues right at the beginning of a Challenge. Last but not least, a look at the respective rankings of the different categories will help you to motivate yourself.

What do I do if I can no longer find my code?

Please contact your team captain. He manages your activation codes.

Why can't I change my profile picture?

Please make sure that you allow the B2Mssion app to access your gallery/photos and your camera. This is necessary to be able to change the profile photo.

Wearables & Tech

What operating systems does the app support?

In order to ensure that the B2Mission App can be used optimally, your operating system should have at least the following status:

iOS 12 and Android 8.0

Unfortunately, you cannot download the B2Mission app if your smartphone has less than 1 GB of RAM. It is mostly older android models that are affected.

As the following devices do not use Google services and therefore the Google Play Store is not available, the download of the B2Mission app is not possible:
Huawei P40 / P40 Pro / Mate Xs / Mate 30 / Mate 40 / Honor 30

Can I record the kilometres outside the app?

You can track your kilometres either with the B2Mission app or with your own tracker. The compatible brands are: Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, and Suunto. Just make sure that you actively track your outdoor activities during the B2Mission period, i.e. that you record the entire activity with GPS tracking on your device switched on so that you can earn points for it.

By recording your outdoor RUNS/WALKS/CYCLES (walking, running, Nordic walking, hiking, cycling) on your wearable device throughout the B2Mission period, they are automatically recorded on the B2Mission app and converted into points. Any kilometre you do on foot earns you 300 points, while every kilometre you cycle earns you 100 points.

Connecting your wearable device to the app automatically adds your activities to the feed. If you do not want them to show, you can delete the posts manually.

Download step-by-step instructions on how to connect your tracking device to the B2Mission app.

Due to the small area maps and Checkpoint tasks, you still have to track the Challenges via the B2Misson app. Keep in mind that the steps recorded on your smartphone or other device are not recorded as a sport and synced.

How can I collect points with my wearable device/fitness tracker?

You can earn points with your fitness watch/tracker/wearable device only for activities that take place during the official B2Mission period. In addition, only kilometres recorded with your wearable device after it has been connected to the B2Mission app are recorded. So, remember to connect your wearable device to the app on the first day of your B2Mission.

Download the step-by-step instructions on how to connect the tracker to the B2Mission app.

Once you are connected, this is what you need to do during your B2Mission:

  1. Set your wearable to go for the activity (running, walking, cycling), use it as usual and click to finish when you're done.
  2. Your activity will be automatically synchronised with the B2Mission app and posted on the feed.
  3. You can look at the post, edit it by clicking the three dots at the top right, add photos, or delete it.
  4. The points are counted even if you decide to delete the post.

Please do not record the same activity on your wearable device and the B2Mission app at the same time, since this would log the activity twice. One of them would be automatically disqualified.

You cannot connect simple step counters since they cannot provide the GPS data we need.

How long does it take for my activity to appear on the app?

It can take up to half an hour for the B2Mission app to connect to your activity tracker's app. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you first sync the tracker with its app on your phone (Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, or Suunto), as that is where the B2Mission app gets its data from to convert your activity into points.

Are there any settings I need to change?

For the GPS to work properly, we recommend allowing location services. Also, ensure that your smartphone is not in battery saving mode.

For more details, please check out our detailed document about smartphone settings.

Can I track a Challenge on my Smartwatch?

No, the Challenge must be tracked via the B2Mission app. The checkpoints, the map material and our instructions cannot be displayed on small screens. However, kilometres from your activities in the RUN/WALK/BIKE mode will be transferable to the B2Mission app via fitness trackers/wearables or other tracking apps and thus converted into points. Compatible devices are sports watches from Garmin, Suunto, Fitbit and Polar with GPS function as well as Apple Watch.

On B2Mission, please always observe the traffic rules in force, always be careful and attentive to other road users.

PDF download with information on connecting the wearable

What do I need to keep in mind if I use an Apple watch?

There are a few special steps if you use an Apple watch. First, click 'More' on the B2Mission app to connect it to your Apple account.

Next, please go to Settings > Health > Access data > Devices > B2Mission, and check that Training routes & Workouts are activated.

  • Make sure that the location settings are activated on the Apple watch.
  • Check that you are doing a GPS workout to track your activity.
  • Verify that the GPS activity you have recorded on your Apple watch has synced properly with Apple Health.

Does the B2Mission App need a lot of battery?

The app can lead to increased battery consumption. Therefore, if you are tracking your kilometres or you are completing a Challenge, you should charge your battery beforehand. Especially for older smartphone models which have weak battery life, it is recommended to take a powerbank/mobile charging station with you.
Your smartphone must not be in energy saving mode during your B2Mission. Please refer to our step-by-step guide (pdf) for further settings concerning battery optimisation.

Can the app still be used after the one-month challenge?

No, the functionality of the app is limited to this one month of the B2Mission.

I have technical problems - who do I contact?

Please contact our support team at or 041 726 17 11

If you have difficulties with the location and GPS signal, we recommend our PDF guide for smartphone settings.

Did you participate in B2Mission 2021?

The B2Mission app is being continuously improved to ensure that your hunt for points remains exciting and challenging from year to year. Check out the new features for yourself and be part of B2Mission once again!


How much does it cost?

B2Mission Package Small

The price quoted is per participant up to 50 participants in your team.

B2Mission Package Medium

The price quoted is per participant for a number of 51-100 participants in your team.

B2Mission Package Large

The price quoted is per participant and is valid for a minimum number of 101 participants in your team.

* all prices plus VAT