A to Z of information

We have put together an A to Z of information about the B2Run Swiss Company Run.

Have you got any more questions? You can contact us by e-mail at or by phone on +41 41 726 17 11.


General info


Please note that cancellation of a booked race entry is only permitted with a valid medical certificate for the day of the event. Send it to us by e-mail and you will receive a free race entry for the following season. If you are able to, please let us know before the run.

Instead of cancelling, you can also pass on your race entry to a colleague. Transfers can be made up by the team captain in their MyB2Run account up to some days before the event. After that, changes can only be made directly on site at the info desk. It is also possible to change the name of a participant after the run, so that the published result will be allocated to the right person.


B2Run donates CHF 1.- per participant to the Charity Partner Right to Play. Your contribution helps children in some of the most difficult and dangerous places in the world stay in school and graduate, resist exploitation and overcome prejudice, protect themselves from disease and recover from war or abuse.

Would you like to make an additional contribution to Right to Play with your company and get involved in a good cause? Then become a Charity Starter and book the corresponding starting places for your team as a team captain in the webshop. The additional charge of CHF 5 per starting place will be passed on in full as a donation to Right to Play.

Checklist for team captains

What do I need to do? Have I thought of everything? Our checklist for team captains will help you to have a successful team event.

Do you need all the information on participating in the B2Run? Our guide for team captains also provides comprehensive information on registering, managing your team's details and race day.

Company running shirts

Design your own team outfit with B2Run and ensure a uniform and impressive look for your company. Here is our company running shirt offer. If you have any questions about this, please contact us by e-mail or call us on +41 41 726 17 11.

Conditions for participation

Apprentice or CEO, walker or PB-chasing runner, employees at companies, local authorities, associations, universities or other institutions, from sole traders to huge corporations - everyone is very welcome!

You will find detailed information on the conditions for participation in our Terms and Conditions.


B2Run is a great spectator event. Encourage your non-running colleagues, friends and family members to cheer you on along the course and at the start / finish. Everyone is very welcome.

Work colleagues, friends and family members who do not don their running shoes can still benefit from our catering offer. As a team captain, book separate vouchers for the After Run Dinner in our webshop.


To help us minimise risks and avoid any accidents, we would like to ask all B2Runners to only take part in the race if they are in good health. This is extremely important as it will ensure that you and your colleagues can enjoy a fantastic run.

Transfers and cancellations:
Please note that a cancellation of a booked starter package is only permitted with a valid medical certificate for the day of the event. Send it to us by e-mail and you will receive a free starter package for the following season.

Instead of cancelling, you can also transfer your race entry to a colleague. Changes to registrations can be made by the team captain in the MyB2Run account up to some days before the event. After that, changes can only be made directly on site at the info desk. Transfers can also be made after the run. The published race result is then subsequently assigned to the correct person.


We accept no liability for damage to health, accidents, theft and other losses or damage.

Please note our Terms and Conditions.

Late registrations / mutations

Late registrations of runners after the registration deadline can be made via our shop until the late registration deadline. The naming of the starting places can be done via the registration page or by the team captain in the MyB2Run account under "My participants". Please note that in the case of late registered participants, the name and company cannot be printed on the start number.

If changes need to be made to the team (re-registrations or mutations) after the registration deadline, this can also be done by the team captain until the late registration deadline via the MyB2Run account under "My participants". Please note that these changes cannot be included in the production of the start number after the registration deadline. However, the team captain will receive an updated team sheet with the start numbers on the day of the event and the change will also be made in the ranking list.

Last-minute late registrations and changes that occur after the late registration deadline can be made directly on site at the team stand during the event.

MyB2Run account

A MyB2Run account allows you as team captain to book starter packages for our events in the B2Run webshop and also to manage your team members. Please note that you only need one MyB2Run account for each company and that several locations can be managed on one account. You can also register an assistant captain.

You can find more information on registering in our brief guide and on our how-to-register-page. Details on how to use the MyB2Run account and the role of the team captain can be found in our guideline for team captains.

Would you like to delete your MyB2Run account? Contact us on If a booking has already been made, we cannot delete this account, but we can inactivate it. You will then no longer be able to log in.

Name booked starting places

All starting places must be named by the registration deadline. This is the only way we can ensure that the names of the runners appear on the start number and later in the ranking list. The naming of the starting places can be done individually via the registration page or by the team captain in the MyB2Run account under "My participants". If you have any questions, please refer to our guidelines for team captains or contact us at, by phone via 041 726 17 11.


Old or young, fast or slow, runner, walker or Nordic walker - with the Starter Package, all your colleagues can join in. The sooner you enter, the cheaper it will be - so get in quick!

Starter PackagePrices*
Early bird rate (up to 6 weeks before the event)CHF 45 / person
Standard rate (up to 3 weeks before the event)CHF 50 / person
Late registration (up to the event itself)CHF 55 / person

To make your team event into a fantastic occasion, the following extras can be added to your race entries:

Charity Startersurcharge of CHF 5 / person
After Run DinnerCHF 25 / person
Meeting pointCHF 200
Team booth (inc. 4 tables and 8 benches)CHF 800
Additional tables and benches for team boothCHF 40 / set
Personalised company running shirtsfrom CHF 20 / shirt

* all prices are subject to VAT


"The most active"

How many employees are joining you on the start line? At each location we are looking for:

  • The most active small company (companies with less than 50 employees)
  • The most active medium-sized company (company with 50-250 employees)
  • The most active large company (companies with more than 250 employees)

The numbers are calculated based on the registration status at the registration deadline. Late registrations will not be considered.

At the end of the B2Run season, we will name the most active company in Switzerland. Click here to see the rankings.

"The fastest"

These rankings are about the fastest times:

  • Fastest women's team (total times of the 4 fastest women in the company)
  • Fastest men's team (total times of the 4 fastest men in the company)
  • The fastest woman
  • The fastest man


"The most creative"

Give free rein to your creativity when choosing your outfit and be voted the most creative company of the B2Run season by our Facebook community.

To be in with a chance of winning, send us your photo until 5 July 2023 to It must be recognisable on the picture that it was taken at a B2Run (e.g. with race number, beach flag, start or finish archway, etc.).


Your team captain is the one responsible for registering your company with the booking of race entries. Are you a team captain? Then we will show you how to get your company moving at B2Run here.

Create a MyB2Run account for your company as team captain on our website. Then book the required number of race entries in the shop.

  • For confirmed bookings of 20 or more Starter Packages, the B2Run team can reserve additional race entries. Please contact us for this.
  • You can choose between the Starter Package and the Starter Package including After Run Dinner.
  • Whether participants are Runners or Nordic walkers, the same Starter Package can be booked for all of them.

In order to take account of the responsible handling of participant data with regard to legislation, each participant must personally confirm the GTC and privacy policy of B2Run for participation as part of the data protection regulations. For you and your colleagues, this means that each participant needs to provide his/her name and consent independently. An e-mail address to which a registration confirmation will be sent is compulsory for authentication purposes.

To make this process as simple as possible, the team captain will receive a link to the company-specific registration page by e-mail as soon as the race entries are booked/reserved. The employees can use this to register individually. You can find detailed information and "step-by-step" instructions about the registration process here.

  • The team captain can see a listing of all the registered participants in the MyB2Run account and make amendments where necessary.
  • Participants can select either Runner or Nordic Walker when entering their details.
  • Race entries can be deleted or edited in the MyB2Run account until the registration deadline (two weeks before the race).

You will find more information about registration in our brief guide or in the checklist for team captains. If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail or call us on +41 41 726 17 11.

Team captain

The team captain is the person responsible for registering their team and coordinating their participation in B2Run. There is only one team captain per company. He or she opens a MyB2Run account, in which all the registrations, bookings and participants are managed. If you are not organising your team by yourself or are being helped by local colleagues, you can designate assistant captains in your MyB2Run account. Assistant captains can manage participants in the account but cannot make any bookings.

We try to minimise the amount of administration required by the team captain and support you and your team as much as we can. Therefore, we have therefore put together some tools. You can also contact us with any questions by emailing or calling +41 41 726 17 11.

Detailed information on the events

Bib collection

Please note that the team captain or their deputy picks up the bibs on the event day for their whole team and then distributes them to the runners. The bib collection stand is right next to the info desk at all events.

For all events, you can collect your bibs two hours before the race starts.

Changing room/shower facilities

At every B2Run Swiss Company Run we offer you a limited number of changing room and shower facilities. These are located near the start and finish areas. Capacity is limited, so you may need to queue.

If you would like to hand over your valuables for safekeeping, bring your starterbag, which you will receive from your team captain alongside your bib, to the valuables safekeeping area. More information on this can be found under "Valuables".

Deadline for registration

The deadline for registration for B2Run events is always three weeks before the date of the respective event. Until then, the team captain can register participants and make changes to bookings online. The detailed dates can be found here.

The team captain can register last-minute participants in the webshop up to some days before the event for an additional fee of CHF 5. Changes to registrations can also be made in your MyB2Run account up until that time. After that, final late registrations and changes can be made directly on site at the info desk. Please note that for late registrations, no name will appear on your bib.

Food and beverage

Before the race: Water

During the race: Water stations approx. half-way round the course

At the finish: Feldschlösschen alcohol-free, Focuswater and water

After the race: After Run Dinner (only with voucher, to be given out by the team captain if booked or on sale on the event at the info desk)

Getting there

We recommend you travel to all B2Run events on public transport. There is no parking available on the event site. If you are travelling by car, you will need to park in a local car park.

Details on how to find each event can be found on our event pages.

Info desk

Questions may arise on the day of the race itself. We will be at the info desk to help you with these.

The info desk is always located in the start / finish area. Follow the corresponding signs or find it on the site maps published on the event pages before the events.


Prior to all our races, we publish the course map (including the elevation profile) and an area map for the event on our event websites.

After Run Dinner

After the race, you will have the opportunity to recharge your batteries at the After Run Dinner. Participation is only possible with a voucher, which can be purchased in advance via the shop or at the information desk on the day of the event.

The concept has been updated for 2023:

Instead of the traditional pasta plush, we will now offer 2-3 different dishes. The range varies from region to region and offers something suitable for every participant.

We do not accept seat reservations. Likewise, reservation of seats on the day of the event itself is not permitted.
However, when you book a team stand in our online shop, you can order the desired number of banquet sets (at least 4) exclusively for your company.


All results (plus photos and a video of the finish line) will be available on the relevant event page straight after the race.

Starting procedure

To keep the flow of runners moving on the course as smoothly as possible, a number of different starting blocks are provided at the start of each B2Run. We ask all participants to line up according to their expected finishing time. You will find the following starting blocks in the starting area:

Starting blockWho is this starting block suitable for?
<25 minsYou are in top form and always aim for a PB. Regular training several times a week means you can run the whole distance faster than 4.5 mins / kilometre.
25-30 minsYou are fit, do a lot of sports and go running regularly. It is not just about being there - you want to really build up some speed.
30-35 minsIt's not the first time you've put on your running shoes, and you like to do sports. You will not cross the finish line with the leaders of the race, but you are quite a fast runner.
>35 minsYou are a beginner or occasional runner and have not trained specifically for this race. Or: For you it is mainly about enjoyment and you simply want to have fun with your colleagues and the other participants. The time it takes is irrelevant.
WalkingYou are registered in the "Walking" category, or you will walk the distance instead of running it.

At the races in Basel, Bern, St. Gallen and Zurich there are also different start times to help ensure a smooth flow of runners. When you book your Starter Package, you can choose your start time(s). Start times are not based on how fast you can run. You can choose a time regardless of your level of fitness. Please note that there are a fixed number of race entries available for each start time.

Within each start time, the starting grid is set up according to the starting blocks listed above. Please note that participants in the "Walking" category will be automatically allocated the latest start time.

As B2Run calculates your actual running time (see "Timekeeping"), the winner could be in any start block. However: Fast runners (average speed over the whole race of less than 3:45 mins/kilometre for men and 4:30 mins/kilometre for women) who don't have a race entry in the first starting block but would really like to be in the first starting block can change their starting block on the day of the race at the info desk.



With B2Run, we measure your running time using a timing chip that works like a stopwatch. This means you and all the other participants receive their individual time.

The timing chip is fitted on your bib. Your time starts automatically as soon as you cross the start line. And it also ends automatically when you cross the finish line.

Thanks to this system, it doesn't matter whether you leave the start line immediately after the starting signal, or line up at the back and only get to start a bit later. Your time only starts when you cross the start line.


You find a timetable for the events on the relevant event websites.


We provide free safe storage for valuables for all participants. Please store your valuables in the starter bag provided and bring it to the valuables safe storage facility. After the race, your race number serves as the collection slip for your valuables. The valuables safe storage facility is signposted.

Please note due to limited space, we can only put B2Run starter bags in the valuables safe storage facility. Sports bags etc. cannot be left at the valuables safe storage facility. No liability is accepted for theft or other damage and losses.

Walking / Nordic Walking

Walkers / Nordic walkers are most welcome at the B2Run Swiss Company Run. In order to offer all participants the best possible running experience, there is a separate starting block for all walkers / Nordic walkers.

We ask all walkers / Nordic walkers to start from this starting block only. Thank you.

Please note that at events where we offer several start times (Basel, Bern, St. Gallen and Zurich), participants in the "Walking" category will automatically be allocated the latest start time.