B2Run St.Gallen 2024

Time table B2Run St. Gallen

Monday, June 3, 2024, OLMA

4.30 p.m. Beginning of event
4.30 p.m. Entertainment Sponsors Village
4.30 p.m. Bib-Handout for teamcaptains
6.00 p.m. Award ceremony "The most active"
6.25 p.m. Official Warm-up with SWICA (Group 1)
6.40 p.m. Start Group 1
6.45 p.m. Official Warm-up with SWICA (Group 2)
6.55 p.m. Start Group 2
7.00 p.m. Official Warum-up with SWICA (Group 3)
7.10 p.m. Start Group 3
7.15 p.m. Start After Run Dinner
8.00 p.m. Award ceremony "The fastest" and "EXP Trophy"
10.00 p.m. End of event

Start list

The start list for the B2Run St.Gallen will be published before the event. The list is updated as of the registration deadline and sorted alphabetically by company name.