What is B2Run?


B2Run is the Swiss running series that motivates companies to become ACTIVE TOGETHER and guarantees team experiences! Our platform is geared towards Swiss companies and their employees and offers the ideal platform for team building, health promotion and employer branding.

The running series covers a distance of five to six kilometers, whereby the distance is deliberately chosen to be rather short so that it is feasible for everyone - even complete beginners. B2Run focuses on the joy of exercise and being active. Under the motto "Sweating together, welding together", the focus is on pursuing a common goal and celebrating team success.

Our events take place during the week after work. This means that you and your company can embark on an unforgettable team experience straight after work.

Why B2Run?

We offer you an ideal platform for team building, health promotion and employer branding. Three crucial aspects that can help strengthen a successful company.

B2Run promotes team building within the company. Achieving a sporting goal together strengthens togetherness and improves communication within the team.

Health promotion is our focus. B2Run encourages employees to be active and engage in sports. We want to motivate a healthy lifestyle and increase the well-being of our participants.

Participation in the B2Run also offers an excellent opportunity for employer branding. Companies that encourage their employees to participate in the B2Run send out the signal that they value team spirit, health and a positive corporate culture. This can increase the company's attractiveness as an employer and appeal to potential talent.

Team building
Health promotion
Employer Branding