Registration process

Registration with own registration page

Dear team captains,
Dear participants,

These instructions will guide you through the registration process.

  1. The booking of the starting places is done via the team captain's user account in the B2Run shop. As a team captain, you can create a MyB2Run account on our website or log in to your existing MyB2Run account. Then book the desired number of starting places in the shop.
  2. After booking, an individual registration page will automatically be created for your team. The link to this page will be sent promptly by e-mail to the e-mail address specified in your MyB2Run account. (Please also check your spam folder). The new booking is automatically added to existing registration pages. You can find the link for the individual registration page in the "MyB2Run" area under "Individual registration page". The texts on your registration page are initially standardized and general. If necessary, you can customize the texts in your MyB2Run account. If the texts on your individual registration page meet your requirements, send the link to this page to your employees.
  3. Your employees can now register for the B2Run independently by name. Due to the data protection regulations, each participant must confirm the B2Run GTCs and Privacy Policy for participation. Each participant must therefore carry out his/her nomination and consent independently. For authentication purposes, it is mandatory to provide an e-mail address to which a registration confirmation will be sent. So that you as team captain can keep track of the participants who have already registered, you can view and manage the registrations in the "MyB2Run" area under "My participants" (including any changes).
  4. As soon as an employee has registered via the link you sent to the individual registration page, he/she will receive a confirmation email and the nomination of the starting place is thus successfully completed.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and special cases. If you have any further questions, you can contact our team at or 041 726 17 11.

Questions and answers about the new registration process

What does my team member registration page look like?

The link you receive and pass on to your employees will first take you to a landing page. On this page, the participant first selects the B2Run for which he/she would like to register - of course only from those for which you as team captain have previously booked starting places.
The participant is then taken to the page where their personal details are requested and they can be assigned to a runner or walker.

How do I edit the text on my team member registration page?

If you would like to address your employees in a different way or communicate specific information to your team, as team captain you can edit the text on the individual registration page yourself.

  1. Log in to your account under "MyB2Run" with your e-mail address and the password of your registration
  2. Select the menu item "Individual registration page"
  3. Use the pencil icon to the right of the displayed status to edit the texts

The texts on your login page are initially standardized and general. As soon as the texts on your individual registration page meet your requirements, simply send the link to your employees. To complete your revisions, save the changes you have made by confirming them with the save button.

What happens if I book additional starting places later?

If you make subsequent bookings and purchase additional starting places, these will automatically be listed on your individual registration page. This means that you will not receive a new individual registration page, but your starting place quota will be constantly updated on the individual registration page. Your employees can view the status of your starting place allocation when they register individually via the individual registration page.

How can I change the name of registered participants or delete them?

You can edit and manage your participants for each event via the "My participants" menu item under the participant icon shown on the right. An overview of the participants registered so far for the respective location will then open. You can delete or edit participants here.
If you need to rename a participant, ideally delete the previously entered participant using the trash can icon at the end of the corresponding line. You can then let the new entrant register themselves via the link on your individual registration page.
Important note: If you as the team captain alternatively carry out the mutation completely in the participant administration, you agree to the terms and conditions and data protection regulations on behalf of the respective participant. An e-mail address must be provided for each participant, to which a registration confirmation will be sent.

What happens when I have filled all my starting places?

As soon as your starting place contingent is completely filled, a corresponding message will be displayed to your participants on the individual registration page. Further registrations are not possible at this point. If you wish, you can book additional starting places at any time via our shop.

What happens if I already have a registration page from previous years?

Have you participated in the B2Run in previous years and already have a registration page? In this case, this registration page will remain and your booked starting slots will be added automatically. Check your individualised texts to make sure they are up to date and send the link to your employees as soon as the individual registration page corresponds to your idea.

Individual registration page upgrades

Do you need additional information from your colleagues (e.g. department, T-shirt size etc.)? Are you ordering T-shirts from us and need to add the list of sizes? Would you like to include your company logo or team photos from last year? Do you have an earlier, internal registration deadline?

Contact us at

How can I create the registration page in other languages?

The registration page is automatically created in the language set for your MyB2Run account. If you would like to have the registration page in another language, please contact us at The registration pages can be created in German, French and English.