Registration process

Registration with own registration page

Dear team captains,
Dear participants,

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation, each participant is required at the beginning of the B2Run 2020 season to confirm their acceptance of B2Run's T&Cs and Privacy Policy in order to participate. This means that all participants need to provide their details and confirmation individually. Every participant therefore needs to provide an email address so that they can receive confirmation of their registration.

Step-by-step instructions

These instructions have been created to take you through the registration process and make it as simple as possible.

  1. As in previous years, starting places are booked via the team captain's user account in the B2Run online shop.
  2. Once the booking has been completed, an individual registration page will be automatically created for your team. The link to this page will be emailed to the email addresses listed in your MyB2Run account. (Please also check your spam folder) For existing registration pages, the booking is added automatically. You will find the link in the "MyB2Run" section under "Registration pages".
    Texts on the registration page are standardised and generic. If you wish, you can edit the texts by logging in to the "MyB2Run" section of the website. You can find more details in these instructions.
  3. If you are happy with the texts on your individual registration page, send the link to this page to your colleagues.
    You can find the link in the email which was sent to you after you booked the starting places (Subject: Information on your team's individual registration page) as well as in the "MyB2Run" section under "Registration pages".
  4. Your colleagues can then enter their own details for the B2Run. You can see and edit the details of all registered participants in the "MyB2Run" section under "My participants".
  5. Once a colleague has registered their details on the individual registration page using the link you sent them, they will receive a confirmation email and their starting place is now officially linked to them.

Below you can find answers to FAQ and a few special cases. If you have any further questions, please contact our team by emailing or calling 041 726 17 11.

Questions and answers about the new registration process

What does my team member registration page look like?

The link we send to you, which you send on your colleagues, takes you to a landing page. Here, the participant first selects the B2Run they would like to register for, i.e. the one which you as team captain have already booked starting places for.

This takes the participant to a page where they enter their personal details and choose whether they are a Runner or Walker.

Regarding the protective measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants must provide a mobile phone number and the postcode of their place of residence when registering on the registration page. We only will use this data in case of contact tracing.

How do I edit the text on my team member registration page?

Would you prefer a different text for your colleagues or do you need to communicate specific information about the next steps the team need to take? No problem! As team captain, you can edit the text that appears on the team member registration page:

  1. Log into your registration under "MyB2Run" using your email address and password.
  2. Select the "Team member registration page" icon or menu item.
  3. Click on the pen symbol on the right-hand side of the status to edit the texts.

Texts on your registration page are standardised and generic. Once you are happy with the texts on your team member registration page, simply send the link to your colleagues. Don't forget to save the changes you've made by clicking on the Save button.

What happens if I book additional starting places later?

If you add more bookings later and buy additional starting places, these will automatically be shown on your team member registration page. You won't see a new team member registration page, instead your number of starting places will be continually updated on it. Your colleagues can see how many starting places are left when they add their details on the team member registration page.

How can I change the name of registered participants or delete them?

By clicking on the "My participants" menu item, you can manage and edit your participants in each even by selecting the Participants symbol. When you have finished, you will see a summary of all registered participants for that particular location. You can edit or delete participants.

If you need to transfer a participant, you need to delete the current participant using the rubbish bin symbol at the end of that particular line. You can then register their replacement using the link to the team member registration page.

Important: If you do the whole participant transfer process in the participation management section, you need to agree to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy on their behalf. An email address must be provided for each participant so that a registration confirmation can be sent to them.

What happens when I have filled all my starting places?

Once you have filled all your starting places, a message will appear to participants on their team member registration page. It will then no longer be possible to register any more participants. Obviously, you can add more starting places at any time in the online shop.

If you would like to amend this text, for example by adding your email address or specific information for your team, you can do this by selecting the "Team member registration page" menu item.

You can find more information on editing the text on your team member registration page in the section above on "How do I edit the text on my team member registration page?"

What happens if I already have a registration page from previous years?

Have you participated in the B2Run in previous years and already have a registration page? In this case, this registration page will remain and your booked starting slots will be added automatically. Check your individualised texts to make sure they are up to date and send the link to your employees as soon as the individual registration page corresponds to your idea.

Individual registration page upgrades

Do you need additional information from your colleagues (e.g. department, T-shirt size etc.)? Are you ordering T-shirts from us and need to add the list of sizes? Would you like to include your company logo or team photos from last year? Do you have an earlier, internal registration deadline?

Contact us at

How can I create the registration page in other languages?

The registration page is automatically created in the language set for your MyB2Run account. If you would like to have the registration page in another language, please contact us at The registration pages can be created in German, French and English.