Protective measures

Together for safe B2Run events in 2021

Emotional moments, happy finishers and unique team experiences - we want to make all these things happen again at B2Run in 2021. This will require a lot of flexibility. As the situation is evolving rapidly, we are still unable to say for certain what protective measures will be required in August and September. However, one thing is clear: The safety and the health of all participants is our top priority.

Here, we have provided an overview of the protective measures we currently presume will be necessary for our events. This overview will be continuously updated.


When signing up on the company-specific registration pages, all participants must enter a mobile phone number and the postal code of their place of residence. We only require these data for any contact tracing that may be necessary.


Masks obligatory off the course
Masks are mandatory across the entire event area. Until the start of the event and after crossing the finishing line, all participants must wear a mouth and nose covering. The event staff, as well as all assistants, will also be wearing mouth and nose coverings throughout. There is no obligation to wear masks while running.

Sanitizer dispensers
There will be sufficient sanitizer dispensers available in the event area.


Bib collection
The team captain can have the bibs, starter bags and any running shirts delivered to the company one or two days before the event by our partner, UPS. To make use of this option, the team captain can book the relevant items directly in the webshop. This additional service means that there is no need to collect bibs before the event. We will still be offering the bib collection service in the event area on the day.

Regular cleaning
Sanitary facilities and other surfaces such as cloakroom hand-in areas, desks and bar tables will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.


Status: 8 February 2021