Employer Branding

Every company has a reputation. This can include thoughts or perceptions about the products, services, executives, team members or the history of a company and is formed from advertising, product usage or word of mouth. This reputation is known as the company's brand.

However, companies also have a second brand that is related to the main brand - namely, how the company is perceived as an employer. This is the employer brand, and it lives in the hearts and minds of former, current and future employees. With the labour market becoming increasingly competitive, a positive employer brand is essential. Without one, it will become ever more difficult and costly to hire and retain the best employees. The aim of employer branding is therefore to convey the impression that the company is a great place to work. The company's culture and the way it treats its employees have a decisive influence in this regard.

Benefits of employer branding:

  • Clear positioning within the jobs market
  • Set the company apart from the competition
  • Create a sense of identification amongst employees
  • Long-term employee loyalty
  • Arouse interest amongst prospective employees

When it comes to employer branding, your own employees play an important role. Only satisfied and loyal employees will contribute to a company's success. They are the ones shaping the company's culture, living its values, achieving its goals and embodying the company's mission. Events offer an opportunity to show employees appreciation while at the same time presenting the company in an authentic way, both internally and externally.

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