With fun to the finish line

Our preparation tips bring you healthy and fit to the starting line.

Start your preparation at least 10 weeks before the run and find out what it takes to run. 5 weeks before the run it is high time to start with the additional measures, because soon it is serious. Finally we accompany you through the last week before the starting signal is given.

Our corresponding preparation pages (see boxes) provide you with exciting information on various topics during the entire preparation process. Use the training schedule for beginners, the training schedule for experienced runners or the basic training to get into shape for participation. At the same time, find out how you can promote regeneration or learn how the morning boost works thanks to delicious breakfast recipes from Meta Hiltebrand.

We wish you a lot of fun preparing!

10 weeks to go: What it needs to run
5 weeks to go: Additional measures
1 week to go: The last days before the race
After the run