With fun to the finish line

Prepare yourself in the best possible way for the B2Run and benefit from our preparation tips.

In short, entertaining video clips, the Atupri health ambassadors Nadine and Nik will provide you with tips and tricks to tell you about the exercises that will help ensure you are perfectly prepared for your B2Run. In these video clips, you will receive valuable input on warming up, strength training, interval training, mobility and stretching. All tailored, of course, to help you train for your B2Run.

Sport, exercise and appropriate training preparation form the basis for performing successfully at a competition. If you add a healthy diet and good motivation, nothing will stand in the way of your success!

During the preparation phase get exciting inputs on sports & exercise, healthy eating and motivation. For example, do you want to know your current fitness level? Or find out directly what type of athlete you are and what can motivate you the most.

You will also receive many valuable tips regarding nutrition. For example, you can find out whether you can achieve your athletic goals with a vegan diet and learn how to bake a healthy energy bar using simple ingredients.

We hope you have a lot of fun with the preparation and good luck with the run!

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