Perfect preparation

Prepare yourself in the best possible way for the B2Run

Do you want to be as prepared as you possibly can be for the B2Run, all whilst doing something good for your health? Then check out our videos for some inspiration on how you can make your training healthy and well-rounded. This will help you get ready for the B2Run. Have fun!

Message from the professionals

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Warm Up

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A good workout begins with a warm-up. Warming up helps to prepare our joints, muscles and cardiovascular system for the work they are about to do. Eight exercise for 30 seconds each and you'll be ready to train in just four minutes.

Strength training

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Strong muscles protect our joints, allow our bodies to perform athletic movements and also ensure an economical running style. Perform these exercises at least one a week, at a level of intensity that challenges you.

Interval training

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Interval training is the ideal way to complement your running session. The key thing here is the changes in tempo, as this will ensure an effective workout. Interval training should be structured around four levels. You can complete the intervals on flat terrain, an incline or on a staircase. Make an effort to incorporate intervals into your training plan.

Mobility and stretching

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Whenever possible, you should end your training session with some mobility exercises and stretching. This is part of the training and allows your body to recover and helps to prevent injuries. You can also integrate the exercises into your everyday life to help support your body's regenerative capabilities.